Teaching Interests

•Sub-Saharan African history

•British colonial expansion and imperialism

•Comparative and World history with a focus on cross-cultural contact and the African Diaspora

•Middle Eastern history and Islamic studies

Courses Taught

•AFAS/HIST 321: African Civilization to c1800 A.D.

•AFAS/HIST 322: African Civilization, c1800 A.D. to the Present

•AFAS/HIST 3281: African Responses to European Colonialism, 1880-1918

•AFAS/HIST 328: Topics in African Urban History

•AFAS/HIST 3662: Experts, Administrators, and Soldiers: Governance and Development in Post-Colonial Africa

•AFAS 4963 & HIST 4961: Britain in Africa

•AFAS/HIST 4901: Armed Force and Society in Africa

•AFAS/HIST 3811: Islam in Africa

•AFAS/HIST/IS 2113: Shifting from the Global to the Local: Problem Solving in Nairobi, Kenya

•HIST 164: Introduction to World History

•HIST 301: A View from the African Barraks: Soldiers and Society in Africa

•HIST 4735: Modeling the Second World War

•HIST 4947: World and Comparative History in Theory & Methods

•HIST 4966: Historical Models and Computer Simulations

•HIST 4977: A Long Road to Uhuru and Nation: The Social History of Modern Kenya

•HIST 49TP: Whose Nairobi?: Opportunity and Inequality in a 20th Century African City

•HIST 5470: Writing Historical Proposals and Prospectuses

•HIST 613: Readings in African History

•IAS 180: International Development

Timothy H. Parsons - Professor of African History - Washington University in St. Louis