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Professor Geoff Childs: Investigating Demographic Processes in the Himalayan Highlands of Nepal

Alumnus David Caplan: An Eye for Design

The Transformation of McMillan Hall

Geoff Childs with his friend and key cultural consultant, Lama Gyamtso

· New Faculty: Kedron Thomas
· Sociocultural Anthropologist Peter Benson
· Anthropology Celebrates Another
  Guggenheim Recipient

· Faculty Research Spurs Expansion of
  Protected Area

· Exhibition of Maya Antiquities Helps
  Conservation Efforts

· A Memorial Tribute to Stephen Molnar
· Recent Faculty Books
· Selected Recent Publications; Awards,
  Honors, Achievements; Grants;
  Community Work

· Graduate Student Work at the Site of El
  Perú Waka', Guatemala

· Bouchet Graduate Honor Society Selects
  WUSTL Students

· Graduate Students: Selected Recent
  Publications; Awards, Honors,
  Achievements; Grants; Conference

· Graduate Student Peer Mentoring
  Excursion to Cahokia Mounds

· Brian Kline: Summer 2012 Postcard from

· Undergraduate Students: Recent Awards
  and Senior Honors Theses

· Tea with a Professor
· Spring Party

· Danielle Hayes: Finding Daily Joys
· Lauren Hosek: Bioarchaeological Research
  at Home and Abroad

· Hannah Lloyd: Tackling World Affairs in the
  Nation's Capital

· Jennifer Perry: Exploring the Versatility of
  the Anthropology Degree from Marketing
  to Sustainable Development

· Erin Russell: Pursuing Discovery and

· Jessie Rymph: Building a Coworking

· Timothy Schilling: Environmental
  Archaeologist at the National Park Service

· Stacy Singleton: The Path of a Policy
  Advisor in British Government

· Class Notes
· Alumni Connections

Other Top Stories:

T.R. Kidder: Letter from the Chair

Anthropology Earns High Praise in 2011 External Review

Anthropology Introduces Global Health & Environment Track

Joe Orkin: Letter from the Field

Anthropology Interns Create Database of Post-Graduation Opportunities

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