Fall/Winter 2010  

Washington University in
St. Louis

Department of Anthropology

Arts & Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences


Professor Tab Rasmussen: Tracing the Story of Human Evolution

Alumna Diana Patch: Preserving Art, Interpreting History

Primate Studies

Although this young chimpanzee has not been habituated to human observation, she allows scientists in the Goualougo Triangle to make observations of her behavior. Photo credit: Ian Nichols of National Geographic, courtesy of Crickette Sanz

· Three Faculty Promoted with Tenure
· Society for American Archaeology Honors
  Washington University Alumnus, Friend,
  and Faculty

· Derek Pardue: Sabbatical Research on
  Creole Culture

· David Freidel: Artifacts in Exhibit
· Recent Faculty Books
· Selected Recent Publications; Grants;
  Awards, Honors, Achievements

· Meghan Ference: Participant Observation
  in Nairobi, Kenya

· Prehistoric Games
· Australo-HIT-ecus: Intramural Softball
· Graduate Students: Recent Publications;
  Awards, Honors, Achievements; Grants

· Undergraduate Students: Selected
  Publications, Awards & Honors, Grants

· Alena Groopman: Anthropology and Global

· Jim Hauf: Exploring Turkey: Where East
  Meets West

· Bertin Louis: Haitian Protestantism across
  Borders and Haiti after January 12, 2010

· Crystal Moten: African-American Women
  Positively Impacting Their Communities

· Mohammad Shahbazi: Bringing Iranian
  Health Models to the Mississippi Delta

· Sam Steinberger: Postcard from Ecuador
· Erin Stiles Receives the Eleanor Roosevelt
  Global Citizenship Award

· Class Notes
· Alumni Connections

Other Top Stories:

T.R. Kidder: Letter from the Chair

Michael Frachetti: Letter from the Field

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