Fall 2009  

Washington University in
St. Louis

Department of Anthropology

Arts & Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences


Professor Brad Stoner: Integrating Medicine and Anthropology

Alumnus John Severson: Illustrating the Power of the Individual through Film

These children in rural Cambodia helped John Severson when he was on a trip scouting filming locations for his documentaries dealing with the aftermath of conflicts.

· Faculty Reach Out to Communities
· Conference Focuses on Nature and Origins
  of Cooperative Behavior

· New Faculty: Crickette Sanz
· New Faculty: Priscilla Song
· Recent Faculty Books
· Selected Recent Publications, Awards
  & Honors, Grants

· Blaine Maley: Genetic and Anatomical
  Evolution of Arctic Populations

· All-WUSTL Team in Bolivia
· Graduate Student Honors/Research
· Undergraduate Student Honors/Research

· Eileen Beall: Tough Times in the Big Easy
· Carolyn Lesorogol: Institutional Change
  among the Samburu of Kenya

· Carmela Morada: Applying Anthropology
  to Emergency Management

· Former First Lady Presents Caregiving
  Award to Linda Nichols

· Class Notes
· Alumni Connections

Other Top Stories:

T.R. Kidder: Letter from the Chair

Irina Levin: Notes from Azerbaijain

The Launch of a New Public Health Minor

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