Fall 2008  

Washington University in
St. Louis

Department of Anthropology

Arts & Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences


Sally Zweimueller: Using the Study of Humans to Aid Humankind

Gayle Fritz: Listening to Plant Remains

Gayle Fritz with Chapalote plants, a type
of corn, in Mexico

· New Faculty: Peter Benson
· New Faculty: David Freidel
· New Faculty: Carolyn Sargent
· Lewis Wall: Bringing Medical Care
  to the Developing World

· Selected Recent Publications, Awards
  & Honors, Grants

· Evan Blank: Engaging in Public Health as
  an Undergraduate

· Puneet Chawla Sahota: Integrating
  Anthropology into Clinical Work

· Undergraduate Student Honors/Research
· Graduate Student Honors/Research

· Jennifer Weghorst: Primate Research and
  Conservation in Costa Rica

· Queen Presents Award to Anna Nekaris
· Class Notes
· Alumni Connections

Other Top Stories:

T.R. Kidder: Letter from the Chair

Carl Pilgram: Notes from Kenya

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