Introduction to the Collaboration Series

Contributors discuss their work at the MWMS Symposium, St. Louis, MO (April 2017). Photo credit: Kierstan Carter.

Kierstan Carter, posted on May 16, 2017

The MWMS Collaboration Series

In our introduction to the Material World of Modern Segregation post, we promised that the blog would “serve as a digital stream of consciousness and source of updates, with posts that document and reflect upon the research processes and discoveries of project collaborators.” All of that and much more can be found on the MWMS blog, including the new Collaboration Series which aims to capture the intellectual exchange that animates the MWMS project. In every facet of the Material World of Modern Segregation project, collaboration is central. Iver Bernstein and Heidi Kolk (co-leaders of the MWMS project) teamed up to create a site-based course that encouraged students to dive into their studies, using the city of St. Louis as their learning laboratory (AMCS 3190: Engaging the City: The Material World of Modern Segregation). Last month at the Material World Symposium held at Washington University, the MWMS contributors gathered to share their findings through collaboration with scholars from eight universities and eleven distinct disciplinary backgrounds. This series will explore the challenges and opportunities of collaboration between disciplines, across geography, with local residents, and in pursuit of truly innovative products. We hope you’ll check back this summer for new posts!

David Cunningham, Nicole (Nicky) Fox, and Christina Simko discuss their team approach to studying the Confederate Memorial here.


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