Interviews with the MWMS Contributors

Historic Eads Bridge, connecting East St. Louis and St. Louis. Accessed April 3 2017: http// /photos/original/3899921.jpg

Máire Murphy, Morgan Brooks on April 03, 2017

As contributors explore their sites, we are asking them to share their insights into studying the material world of segregation – discoveries, emergent questions, challenges, and the role of collaboration in their work. We are interested in the similarities and the differences in how contributors engage with their sites, and their findings. In future posts we will investigate points of intersection and divergence and ask what they reveal about site-based research, and the material realities of racialized spaces in St. Louis.

 You can read about John Early and the Basketball Court in St. Louis Place Park here.

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Joshua Aiken discusses his research  into 4004 and 4008 Cook Avenue here

Eric Sandweiss discusses his investigation of Delmar Boulevard,

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