The Material World of Modern Segregation:  St. Louis in the Long Era of Ferguson  [MWMS] is an outgrowth of the Washington University American Culture Studies Modern Segregation program initiative and is supported by the American Culture Studies Danforth Endowment.  The MWMS April 2017 symposium and spring 2017 American Culture Studies course (AMCS 3190) are also supported by a Washington University Ferguson Academic Seed Fund [FASF] grant; thank you to FASF for enabling AMCS to pursue this significant collaborative scholarly research and teaching activity.  

American Culture Studies is also grateful for its collaboration with Olin Library (particularly Mark Sellan, Brian Woodman, Miranda Rectenwald, and Vernon Mitchell) to produce the website/"living archive"/blog that is the digital home for this project and for facilitating the research of project contributors. Thank you, too, to professors Michael Omi (Berkeley); Koritha Mitchell (Ohio State); Heather Ann Thompson (Michigan); Linda Alcoff (CUNY); and Danielle Allen (Harvard), for participating in the 2014 Modern Segregation workshops at Washington University and providing sage advice in the earliest stages of the project; also, thank you to professors Clarissa Rile Hayward (WUSTL) and Rebecca Wanzo (WUSTL), who along with Iver Bernstein (WUSTL), served as co-principal investigators on the initial WUSTL Dean's Collaborative Research Seed Grant, "Modern Segregation and the Roots of Structural Racism" that helped launch the AMCS Modern Segregation program initiative and framed its initial conversations.